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For the Love of Gardens

We are a hands-on garden club, made up of Ashland, Massachusetts, residents committed to cultivating a beautiful town. With a range of gardening experience from zero to plenty, our members of all ages and professions donate time and labor to tend public garden spaces and planters around town.

Helping Ashland Flower Since 1992

Before the Ashland Garden Club (AGC) was founded, one man, Rick Ghilani, worked alone to spruce up downtown with planters on Main Street and flower gardens around Memorial Square. When Rick passed away in 1991, David Foster pulled together a small group to continue his legacy. Since our official start in 1992, we have grown to more than 25 members and joined the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts.

You Keep Us Blooming!

All funds to keep Ashland's gardens growing strong come from your support. We are non-profit - all money raised goes to pay for plants and materials - we as volunteers do all the maintenance.

If you're an Ashland-based company or generous individual, sponsor a site in part or whole. We'll make you look good by keeping Ashland a-bloom.


Support us by coming to our events and/or making a donation any time.



Next Meeting: Ashland Public Library
AGC Annual Meeting
Saturday, October 14th

Start time: 10:00 a.m. at the Ashland Library

Stay tuned for future event and meeting announcements!

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