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Our Mission

The purpose of the Ashland Garden Club is to beautify the public spaces in the town of Ashland, and to educate members and residents in the study of horticulture, and in the pleasures, benefits and rewards of gardening.

About Us

We are a hands-on garden club, made up of Ashland, Massachusetts, residents committed to cultivating a beautiful town.

With a range of gardening experience from zero to plenty, our members of all ages and professions donate time and labor to tend 17 areas of gardens and planters around town.

Pride in our Town

We take pride in helping to beautify Ashland, and the town has let us know how much they appreciate our efforts. The town Selectmen presented the Ashland Garden Club with the Civic Pride Award in 2007 and wrote to thank us again in the summer of 2008. After the club created planters to decorate the police station in July 2008, Chief Scott Rohmer wrote us: "It has stirred us all here and blessed everyone who utilizes this facility with the warmth and care in which the flowers were planted as well as the beautiful arrangements themselves." We also thank the selectmen and police for all their hard work!

The Garden Club was honored as Citizens of the Year in 2013 during the Ashland Day Festivities for our efforts to beautify Ashland with our planters and gardens around town.

We celebrated our 25th Anniversary in 2017. To commemorate the event, the Board of Selectmen presented the Club with a Proclamation!

We have created new committees and roles in 2023 to further engage the community, our members, and our outreach to the community. Those committees roles are:

  • Communication Committee

  • Program Planning Committee

  • Beautification Committee

  • Fund Raising Committee

  • Community Liaison Committee

  • Club Historian

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